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Neuramedy Fall 2021 Internship
작성일 : 2021-08-31   조회수 : 4601

 1. This role is for a 12-week employment contract for a university student.

 2. This role requires the communication with the team during the office hour in Korea

 3. Salary: Non-paid


   - Digital Marketing:  The primary role of a 'Digital Marketing Intern' is to generate the contents for the company web site and company LinkedIn page. The contents should focus on increasing the disease awareness of general public as well as delivering the company’s core science to the industry. The secondary role is a business intelligence gathering for the topics of interest relevant to the company strategy 

   - BIO: The role of a ‘Bio Intern' is to gather and summarize information on the biomarkers related with Parkinson’s disease. The information should include scientific literatures on pre-clinical studies and clinical trials as well to identify biomarker candidates and monitor drug efficacy


   · Ability to work remotely and communicate with a team in a different time zone

   · Have a productive working relationship with the Neuramedy team to properly manage assigned tasks through a continuous collaboration across departments.

   · Ability to understand and summarize the key information from a scientific literature

   · Regularly brief the relevant people on progress over assigned tasks

   · Ability to search and deliver the information efficiently and effectively



   · Ability to work independently and flexibly

   · Understanding of life science and ability to understand the key concepts from a literature

   · Basic understanding of marketing, communication in a digital environment

   · Creative and critical thinker

   · Highly reliable: attention to detail and accuracy is a must

   · Good organizational skills with ability to deliver quality work

   · Good communication skills, written and verbal with an ability to prioritize


   · Local language and English skills




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