• Hana Ventures

    Hana Ventures is Korea’s leading VC, a corporate venture capital arm of Hana Financial Group.

  • KDB Bank

    KDB Bank is an advanced policy bank owned by Korean government. KDB aims to support both industrial and
    social sectors, by promoting the national economy and improving people’s quality of life.

  • STIC Ventures

    STIC Ventures, established in July 2018, invests in small and mid-sized venture companies with core technologies
    and new business model covering Korean, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

  • Amyloid Solution

    Amyloid Solution is an R&D focused company focusing on Alzheimer’s disease.

    Neuramedy is partnering with Amyloid Solution for the research of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • DK&D

    DK&D is a global synthetic leather company providing consulting services related to manufacturing and specializing
    in synthetic leather and other materials.

  • Devsisters Ventures

    Devsisters Ventures is a startup investment company established in May 2015 focusing mainly on mobile, digital
    contents and ICT.

  • T-Investment

    A venture capital making a investment on AI/robot, fintech, 5G and bio/digital healthcare.

  • CCEI

    CCEI (Chungbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation) was established in 2015 through a partnership with LG.
    Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) is designed to identify and nurture the most promising startups with innovative ideas and groundbreaking technologies.